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SeniorVantage Best Pick Competition

Privacy Policy

Voting information will be kept strictly confidential.  Basic information from voters is gathered in order to prevent multiple votes by a single individual.  Email addresses will not be sold to other organizations.   By registering with the site, you may receive an occasional update on the competition, and finalists and award results.  In the event you receive any correspondence from SeniorVantage, you may opt out at any time.


1.  When will we know the finalists?
        The last day of voting is April 13th, 2012.  Finalists will be announced by April 16th.

2.  When will we know the winners?
        Winners will be revealed at the Best Pick Awards Gala on May 11th, 2012.

3.  What is the history of the Best Pick?
This is the second annual SeniorVantage Best Pick competition and awards gala.  Last year, we had over 1700 votes, and nearly 200 attendees at the banquet.  The banquet is a formal, upscale event with business and industry leaders from around the city.  The event recognizes not only winners, but the contribution of participating companies in the industry.

4.  Who can vote?
        Voting is open to the public.  Anyone can vote.  Co-workers, colleagues, friends, and clients are encouraged.

5.  How do you prevent fraud or multiple votes?
        A valid email address is required to vote.  No duplicates are allowed.  We also ask voters' name, title, and company.  View our privacy policy.

6.  What if we have multiple branches of our company?  Do we list as one company or each individual branch?
        We encourage each branch to enter separately.  Therefore it is possible for a company to be listed more than once.
        This is because we realize that experiences may vary at various locations or branches.

7.  What geographic area is represented?
        The competition covers the Greater Houston area, or roughly a 50 mile radius from Houston's center.  Essentially, it covers Harris county and surrounding counties.

8.  What if I would like to nominate a company, but I don't see them listed?
        Please contact us and provide us with the company name and any contact information you may have. 

MORE QUESTIONS?  Contact us.

Tips for success

Are you among the best in your industry, but wondering how you will get the word out?  Here are some tips to your success in the Best Pick competition.
a.  Register your company early.
b.  Promote voting to clients or patients who recognize the quality of service you provide.
c.  Encourage colleagues within the industry to vote for you.  It never hurts to ask, and its a great way to continue to foster business relationships.  If they've only had limited experience, encourage them to give you another try (then give you their vote).
d.  Recommend voting to your co-workers or employees.  Often a company's employees provide the best word of mouth for the business.  A culture of success affects the attitude in the workplace while promoting a sense of pride throughout the company. 

Thanks for participating, and good luck!

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